Many recent graduates from medical assisting are often quite nervous about their first time ‘alone’ in the field. It’s normal to feel this way, you’re taking the first step towards turning an education into a practice. Here’s a few tips to keep in mind for your first medical externship:

  • Schools will typically setup your first externship as a medical assistant – You can be selective on your own personal externship placement, if you feel that it’s not a proper fit for you talk to your school and see about changing it.
  • Stay calm – patients and those around you will sense you’re new to the position, but someone who gives off a nervous feeling is often not trusted and in the medical profession trust is what you need to establish first
  • Full expectations – as a medical assistant in an externship you are still required to perform all the regular duties of a medical assistant.
  • Be personable with patients and staff – some patients can be just as nervous as you, being personable with those around you will help make for a more relaxed and enjoyable environment.

Externships are your first chance to apply what you learned in medical assisting school. Take the opportunity to prove to yourself what you learned and have fun in your first medical assisting externship.